Saturday, 19 November 2011

Peace City powered by the Son!

We are high above the clouds somewhere between Chennai and New Delhi. What a perfect place to soak in everything we have experienced in India. From Pastor Samson's spirit-filled hospitality to witnessing his incredible ministry firsthand, I will never forget the stories of his struggles and walk with the Lord.

Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have spent time with the beautiful children of Peace City. Even though a story of sadness initially led them to Peace City, their genuine happiness and love for each other was so clear to see.

The first phase of the solar project is complete. SELCO worked around the clock to install lights and fan points for us to see on our trip. Solar lights now power the entire main building. (boys and girls dormitories, toilets, offices, meeting rooms, common areas and outdoor walkways). As soon as the second building is complete, wiring will be run to power lights and fans in those rooms as well, including a new kitchen and eating hall. Pastor Samson has ideas for the rental business, which will take off soon and begin generating revenue for Peace City!!

Although saying goodbye to the children, Pastor Samson and his family was difficult, I pray that God will keep our time apart short.

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