Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Installation Commencing SOON!!!!!

With an incredibly joyful heart, I am excited to announce that installation on the solar project will commence in 1 week!!!!  I just received word, from SELCO, that parts have been ordered and the crew should arrive on November 8th or 9th to begin construction.  Even more exciting is that I should be able to witness a working system during my visit to the orphanage at Peace City!!!!!!!

I cannot put into words how much your support and encouragement have meant to me over the past 2 months.  From Day 1 of the 30-Day challenge, so many of you have given emotionally and financially to this project.  I thank you, and more importantly the orphans who will be forever changed because of this project thank you.

Thus far, we have raised 70% of the funds for the solar system.  This was enough to begin procurement and installation.  We will need to pay the additional 30% upon completion.  This gives us roughly two weeks to raise an additional $3,000.  I have trusted you and God to get us this far, and I will do the same now!!  Spread the word and help push us to the FINISH LINE!!!!

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