Saturday, 19 November 2011

Peace City powered by the Son!

We are high above the clouds somewhere between Chennai and New Delhi. What a perfect place to soak in everything we have experienced in India. From Pastor Samson's spirit-filled hospitality to witnessing his incredible ministry firsthand, I will never forget the stories of his struggles and walk with the Lord.

Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have spent time with the beautiful children of Peace City. Even though a story of sadness initially led them to Peace City, their genuine happiness and love for each other was so clear to see.

The first phase of the solar project is complete. SELCO worked around the clock to install lights and fan points for us to see on our trip. Solar lights now power the entire main building. (boys and girls dormitories, toilets, offices, meeting rooms, common areas and outdoor walkways). As soon as the second building is complete, wiring will be run to power lights and fans in those rooms as well, including a new kitchen and eating hall. Pastor Samson has ideas for the rental business, which will take off soon and begin generating revenue for Peace City!!

Although saying goodbye to the children, Pastor Samson and his family was difficult, I pray that God will keep our time apart short.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Incredible India!

It has been an amazing and emotional few days. Today, we made a second trip to the slum colony in Ongole. These people are the most amazingly humble and hospitable people I have ever encountered. The children loved having their pictures taken (and seeing their photos) and the adults welcomed us with warm smiles and waves.

Tomorrow, we're going back to Peace City to meet with a SELCO rep and review the work done on the solar system. Already many of the lights are working and the main building should be complete by tomorrow!!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Peace City arrival

After a crazy and fun day in Chennai, we made the 5 hour road trip to Ongole and Peace City today. What an amazing welcome we received! The children were so genuinely happy to welcome us to their home.

After a brief presentation of flowers and wonderful chants of "Welcome to Peace City! Welcome to India", Pastor Samson and Kirby gave a tour of the campus. It was such a blessing to see where and how these beautiful children live and learn each day.

We ended the tour on the roof, where 6 solar panels have already been installed. Throughout the rest of the buildings, SELCO workers were hard at work wiring lights and fans. It is still surreal to witness the fruition of so much prayer and dedication by so many of you!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

We....YOU did it!

I am sitting in Gatwick airport waiting for my flight to India!! What an incredible journey this has been so far. From the initial 30-day challenge to working with SELCO on the solar design to finally being on my way to see it all.

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement throughout the past few months. I could not have done it without you. I'd like to say a special thank you to my in incredible with, Lindsay. Without her, this would certainly have not been possible. Her love and motivation saw me through the rougher days of the 30-day challenge. I know I was a grumpy bear in the beginning with no coffee and significantly fewer calories, but she stood right by my side the whole way. Not to mention eating on $1/day for a week!! What an incredible wife and best friend.

Internet service will be spotty, at best, in India, but I will be loading pictures as we go along. I'd love to share the story that you helped write through financial and spiritual support.

I received word last night that, thanks to an extremely generous offer, we have reached our goal for the solar project!! What a blessing!!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Contributions Doubled!!!

A donor has offered to DOUBLE every donation until we reach our goal!!!

We need an additional $3,200 to reach $11,560.

So, all we need is another $1,600 and we're there!!

Spread the word and help us complete the solar project for the these wonderful children!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Installation Commencing SOON!!!!!

With an incredibly joyful heart, I am excited to announce that installation on the solar project will commence in 1 week!!!!  I just received word, from SELCO, that parts have been ordered and the crew should arrive on November 8th or 9th to begin construction.  Even more exciting is that I should be able to witness a working system during my visit to the orphanage at Peace City!!!!!!!

I cannot put into words how much your support and encouragement have meant to me over the past 2 months.  From Day 1 of the 30-Day challenge, so many of you have given emotionally and financially to this project.  I thank you, and more importantly the orphans who will be forever changed because of this project thank you.

Thus far, we have raised 70% of the funds for the solar system.  This was enough to begin procurement and installation.  We will need to pay the additional 30% upon completion.  This gives us roughly two weeks to raise an additional $3,000.  I have trusted you and God to get us this far, and I will do the same now!!  Spread the word and help push us to the FINISH LINE!!!!