Monday, 24 October 2011

Great News!!!

I just received the new proposal from SELCO, and I am extremely excited to say that it is well below the initial bid from a local contractor.  Not only is SELCO a well-respected solar company in India for quality and innovation, they specialize in providing solar initiatives to the rural poor in Southern India. 

SELCO's proposed system which will power over 80 lights and numerous fans throughout the orphanage and mission, plsu the charging station will cost 576,000 Rupees or $11,560!!  I was completely blown away at SELCO's professionalism, dedication and giving heart.

While $11,560 is still a significant amount of money, we are so close to the goal, I can see it!!  (with solar powered lanterns, of course).  Thank you so much for everyone who has given and brought us so close to our goal.  Spread the word and ensure that we can go all the way!!

I purchased my flights to India and Nepal last night.  Only 3 weeks to go before we set off for an amazing experience.  How wonderful will it be to see, firsthand, the impact that the solar project has on these incredible children...all thanks to you!!!